B&C LUXURY AUTO, focused on developing new projects and expanding its operations in other ports and points of origin, starts in January 2022 its own yard and office in the State of Giorgia, in the Port of Savannah.

The Port of Savannah exported more loaded containers than any other port in the United States between January and May, reaching a market share of 12.2%. “The Georgia Port Authority is a powerful engine economic for the state and a key link in the chain of supply for industries throughout the region ”.

Located in the center of a wide logistics network, Savannah offers 37 weekly ship services containers that reach destinations around the world, “Terminal efficiency is more than moving cargo quickly, it is about helping companies Americans to compete in the world market. ” Georgia’s deep-water ports continue to do against the impact of COVID-19, but they have registered figures of more stable trade than other ports in the States United.

Wide coverage of vehicle collection servicesn in the region will allow us to serve the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississipi, Alabama, Florida and of course the state of Giorgia.