Car Dismantling

When a vehicle has been wrecked or damaged, most individuals will attempt to have it fixed. If it cannot be fixed, one option is to take it to an auto dismantlement scrap yard. There, it can be recycled and used for various purposes, including repairing other vehicles. Individuals typically receive compensation for taking their vehicle to a scrap yard, the amount of which is directly dependent upon the scrap yard they visit and the make and model of their vehicle.

Auto Dismantlers benefit the environment, customers who are looking for cheap vehicle parts, and salvage yards that can make money on recycled parts.

The industry is a growing one, as more and more individuals become interested in saving money through the purchase of used parts. It’s also a great profession for people interested in vehicles and their parts but who don’t want to make their living doing auto repair.

What is Auto Dismantle?

When a vehicle has been taken to a scrap yard, or auto dismantle facility, the professional there will look the vehicle over thoroughly to determine what parts can be salvaged. Those reusable parts will be removed from the vehicle and stored for sale at a later date. After the salvageable parts have been removed from the vehicle, the remaining shell of the vehicle will be crushed. Because 65% of a vehicle is steel, that steel can be reused in other vehicles, parts, and products requiring steel. Recycling these vehicles is a lucrative business and ideal for the environment as well. In some areas, the glass and other materials are recycled as well.

Specific Types of Auto Dismantle

Many scrap yards accept only certain types of vehicles, and their auto dismantle personnel are experts on those specific kinds of vehicles. This allows them to more easily locate salvageable parts to remove and save. In addition, they’re able to more successfully resell those parts as experts. They attract a specific customer base so some dismantlers see great business in certain parts of the country where more individuals drive a particular brand or type of vehicle.

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