Car Cutting

Cars are cut so only the undamaged, usable part can be shipped to save space and money

We receive unserviceable vehicles and safely break them down for our clients who resell the parts on the secondary market. On an industry level, recyclers minimize the potential for harmful materials to leech into the environment and reduce the amount of raw materials that are required to supply parts to American motorists. Consumers achieve cost savings and the satisfaction of participating in an eco-friendly industry, both of which are priorities for today’s auto parts buyers. Our auto recycle personnel are professionals in every sense of the word.

Most people don’t realize that auto dismantling is the 16th largest industry in the U.S., producing a whopping 5 billion dollars annually. Dismantling yards supply 80% of the scrap metals used in building today’s vehicles. One of the greatest assets that our industry supplies to the environment is the clean up factor. U.S. Auto Dismantlers scrap over 11 million vehicles annually. Try to imagine what our streets and backyards would look if these vehicles were not scrapped through auto dismantling yards like ours.

When an automobile is wrecked one of two things will happen to it. The first option being the vehicle is repaired and put back on the road. As you know, this can be very costly to the individual paying the bill. The other option is to scrap the vehicle and buy a new one, also a tremendous cost.

The good news is that our company can help in either circumstance. Our main goal is to lessen the cost of auto parts. In cutting and dismanlting the cars for giving you the opportunity to skip the dirty work by removing scrap out of to good reusable used auto parts we have extended our abilities, not only to recycle, but to save you both time and money in most cases

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