Authorized Loading

As a car or boat dealer or forwarding agent, your client depends on you for premium service and exceptional attention to detail. By trusting your container loadings to B&C, you can continue to deliver the same level of quality to your customer from your lot to final destination.

Your vehicles or boats are handled with the utmost care and experience. On a daily basis, our vehicle transport team loads and secures boats with their custom built solutions. Let B&C manage your export container loadings. From title transfers to container loading and export documentation, our staff of dedicated professionals manages the entire logistics process.

B&C comes up with solutions to load vehicles or boats with widths which exceed a containers 92 inches.  B&C secured yard, heavy lift equipment and packing crating department allow us to manage this operation effectively.  Additionally B&C has the tools to remove trailer fenders, wheels and even axles if need be.

Our licensed container loaders prepare the shipping containers content for extreme conditions. There are wild swings in temperature and humidity inside the container – they go through the Panama Canal and sometimes around the Cape. Containers are subjected to triple digit heat and humidity to sub-zero temperatures while in storage or in transport. Therefore the content of a container needs to be properly secured inside it, to avoid inner displacement durring transport or even worse container unbalance which can not only damage the load but can put the ship at risk while at sea.

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