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B&C is happy to offer you our new service of dismantling (cutting) automobiles for parts and it’s delivery to any port of the world.  This way of whole sale parts purchase you have an absolute control over the parts from the cars you have selected independently for cutting from auto auctions like COPART or IAAI.  For your convenience every customer will be provided with his/her own access account to the auctions. Automobiles that have been in the accidents are sold for very low prices (30-50% below market price), creating a great opportunity for you to make a smart purchase of good parts for low budget.

If you are not a dealer and you don’t have your own access to auto auctions of COPART and IAAI —- not a problem! Our company will enable you to load your container with parts of your choice. In order for us to start buying and delivering your selected autos for further dismantling, you would need to deposit 30% of estimated cost, the rest will be collected later. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any specific questions you have.

At this time automobile dismantling, loading and shipping in maritime containers is done from New Jersey ports.

All automobiles that were bought for parts and dismantling in any of the US states would be delivered to our warehouse in N.J. That is why it makes sense to buy cars in states that are closer to N.J. Our Company can ARRANGE THE TRANPORTATION TO OUR WAREHOUSE AT COMPETITIVE RATE. It will give us time in advance to schedule dismantling and shipping procedures.

 There are 3 options:

Option #1 is most saving.

 Automobiles are cut across onto 2 parts at the level of  rear seats (this option is beneficial for those cars that have minimal visible damage). Using this option you will be able to save many parts in good condition for reselling.

In this case you will be saving front and rear windows, all removable body parts, sunroof, roof air-bags, parking brake cables and muffler.

In option#1 we will be able to load up to 6 cut cars (depending on size of cars), that will be secured by wooden rails, which excludes damage during transportation. $350 for dismantling, $1000 for loading a full container.

Option #2 is more economical.

In this case we load from 10 to 15 cut cars in one container. This way of cutting comparing to option # 1 is less effective in terms of saving body parts.

Second option is efficient if you are buying cars at the auction, for example with rear damage. In this case front part will be cut from the car (behind the front pillar, by the level of the steering wheel), front window will be saved this way).  In this case front part will consist of: car fenders, hood, whole front suspension, lights, dashboard with steering wheel, engine and automatic transmission. All doors will be taken off. Rear part will be dissembled, if it contains undamaged body parts (rear window, lights and ….. Whole rear suspension is taken off separately (if not damaged). If desired by client we also can cut some body parts such as rear quarter panels, middle pillar, roof and rails).

$400 for dismantling, $25 for each cut body part, $1000 for loading a full  container.

Option #3 is super economical.

Car is completely dismantled. Main parts are taken off: engine and transmission, front an rear suspension, front and rear doors, hood, trunk lid, fenders and so on….All whole windows and quarter panel windows, dashboard, heater, steering column and interior are cut out. Body will be cut on pieces as desired by a client.

In this case the container will fit about 20 cars depending on the type of cars and each cut. This option is good for those who want to sell separate parts because you don’t need further dismantling. We do the dirty work for you.